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ROS rapid test to detect the coronavirus

Clinical trial:

  • Accuracy 98%

  • Sensitivity  95%

  • Results in 10 seconds

  • Covid type independent


ROS evaluation in respiratory system detected by RDSS from sputum sample:

  • –COVID-19

  • –COPD

  • –Lung epithelium damages

  • –Acute bronchiectasis

  • –Acute allergy

  • –T.B


SARS-CoV-2 infection can lead to neutrophilia-induced ROS release. a | In not at-risk individuals, an excess

of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is counterbalanced by an increase in antioxidant defences. b | In subjects with impaired redox balance, ROS production is not properly controlled, leading to red blood cell (RBC) membrane peroxidation, which in turn perpetuates neutrophil activation. Excessive oxidative stress might be responsible for the alveolar damage, thrombosis and RBC dysregulation seen in COVID-19. Anti-oxidants and elastase inhibitors may have therapeutic potential.

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