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L series - Turbo molecular pump equiped large chamber sputter coater

Suitable for large specimens up to 150mm diameter

Key Features


  • DC and RF power suply for conductive and non-conductive materials

  • High precision quartz crystal thickness monitor

  • Intuitive touch screen to control the coating process and rapid data input

  • User friendly software that can be updated via network

  • Control coating rate to achieve finer grain structures

  • Manual or automatic Timed and Thickness sputtering.

  • Easy-to-change specimen stages (rotation stage as standard)

  • Reproducible coatings

  • TurboMolecular pump optional

  • Carbon Coating in two modes: Flash mode and Puls mode

  • Recording and plating all coating and sputtering parameters live

    • Options

    • Carbon fiber evaporation head

    • High current power supply

    • Bias voltage stage

    • Heating stage

    • Quartz crystal

    • Planetary sample rotation

    • Sputtering targets

    • Fiber carbon

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